Surtitling with carefully executed translations, if necessary in close cooperation with theatre publishers. We work with all the standard surtitling technologies that theatres and festivals use. We also work closely with technical service providers and are happy to provide advice about different technical options, such as LEDs, projectors, surtitles on tablets, etc. 

Interpreting and narration are an excellent option for some productions that are based on pure improvisation, are for children or if the play is being presented for the first time. However, this requires good, well-trained speakers and very good preparation. We work with experienced interpreters and actors, and also provide narration ourselves, for example at the Deutsches Theater in Berlin, the Fast Forward Festival in Dresden, etc. 

Alternative forms are not very widespread yet for translation in theatre. However, we are happy to help you explore new options, whether it’s a summarising translation, synopses, voiceovers and much more. We gained our experience in alternative forms during the Getting Acrozz programme at the PAZZ Festival in Oldenburg, Unidram Festival in Potsdam, where Yvonne Griesel worked in the artistic directing team for many years, and also at the Kammerspiele in Munich.