Surtitling, interpreting, and new directions.

What we do: services.

Surtitling from a carefully prepared translation, in close cooperation with theatre publishers. We work with Easy Subtitler software, as well as state-of-the-art surtitling technology across the board.

Narration and interpreting are sometimes the right choice for stage productions that are purely improvisational, aimed at children or presented for the first time. This requires trained required, as well as thorough preparation. We work with experienced interpreters and actors/actresses.

We can offer a diverse range of languages through our extensive network of selected translators and surtitlers, who work closely with festivals, translators’ associations and universities. This makes it possible to find creative and appropriate solutions for all languages and productions. Our partners are international colleagues from the surtitling and translation scene, speakers, actors and various universities.

AXE St. Petersburg | Unidram Potsdam | Photo: Göran Gnaudschun
AXE St. Petersburg | Unidram Potsdam | Photo: Göran Gnaudschun

» Without translation, world theatre would remain speechless in a foreign country.««